Wednesday 23 November 2011

Book 1 & Boo's Birthday

The end is in sight with the second draft but I seem to have stalled. The last chapter is crap. Really crap. It's THE scene, the one where they finally see sense and get together and live happily ever after so I can't leave it in the state it is in. The only problem is, I can't see a way to make it uncrap. It feels like I'm back at the beginning with a whole load of work ahead of me. I know I'll have to just get on with it but I've got another cold and can't face it.

Moving on from all the gloom, today is my youngest's third birthday. I can't believe three years have passed already but hopefully she'll realise she's no longer in the terrible twos age bracket (yeah, right).

I have baked her a birthday cake today and attempted to make it an Iggle Piggle one. It doesn't look too bad if you squint at it.

It's a chocolate cake (as requested by Boo) with vanilla buttercream in the middle and vanilla frosting and chocolate beans on top. All it needs now is a candle!

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