Wednesday 2 November 2011

Book 1 - Distractions

Sadly there will be no crumpled post-it note this week as I didn't reach my target. The past week has thrown distractions (and excuses) at me. Last week The Partner and I celebrated our ten year anniversary (of being together, not marriage) so we have been out for a meal and drinks.

It's also been Halloween so me and the kids have been busy crafting and baking and by the time evening came, I was exhausted and so sat in front of the telly instead of the laptop. I hadn't written or edited since Thursday and the more I put it off, the less I wanted to write but last night enough was enough. I had no more excuses so out came the laptop.

And do you know what? I slipped right back into it and now I don't know why I couldn't be 'bothered' and watched telly instead. Plus, reading through my work after a short break, I thought to myself it was pretty good, which rarely happens. I usually think I write crap but last night I told myself I CAN write. Now I just have to convince an agent and publisher.

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