Tuesday 29 November 2011

Inspiration - Where Do You Get Yours From?

I love writing and always have done since I was a little girl but there are times when doubt sets in and I think I am never going to be published or I have run out of motivation but there are some things that have me reaching for my pen and paper (or laptop).

Acknowledgements have always been a great source of inspiration for me and I love reading them when I open a new a book. They make me determined to write my book so that I can one day write my own acknowledgements in my own book.

Six months ago, I discovered blogs. I didn't start up my own to begin with but trawled through Lola Jaye's old blog, starting right at the beginning and following her quest to become a published writer.

I then started my own blog because somehow, I couldn't find a blog for an unpublished writer (I'm sure I was searching for the right thing but nothing was coming up). So I set up my own in July and it's been brilliant. Through Blogger and Twitter I have found those aspiring writers who all want the same thing I do.

I have also found published authors who started blogs as aspiring writers and have gone back to read through their journeys. Cally Taylor, Miranda Dickinson and Ali McNamara have inspired me without knowing, just by blogging.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated to write?

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