Monday 15 June 2015

Book Crafts: Bookish Paper Roses

Bookish Paper Roses
I've never made paper roses before so I decided to head to Pinterest to learn how. I used a couple of the tutorials but they weren't really working out for me so I modified them a bit and this is how I made my paper roses:
You will need:
Pages from a book proof (or non-bookish pages if you prefer)
Double-sided tape or glue
Floristry wire
Cut out 4 squares from your paper
Fold each one in half, corner to corner. Do this twice more.
You should end up with a triangle with two folded edges and one 'open' edge.
Cut an arc along the 'open' edge of your triangle to create the petals. Do this for each triangle
Nip a tiny bit off the bottom corner of each triangle. This will create a hole in the centre of the flower and you want this to be as small as possible.
Unfold your petals.
Take your 1st flower and cut off 1 petal, cutting along the fold line.
Take your 2nd flower and cut off 2 petals.
Repeat for your 3rd and 4th petals, cutting off 3 and then 4 petals.
Make sure you keep the cut off segments as these will make up the centre of your flower.
Following the arc of the petal trim a small amount off each of the cut-off petals.
Starting with your two-petal segment (I don't use the smallest), place a small strip of double-sided tape or some glue along the edge and create a cone shape.
If you're using glue to make your flowers, always allow time for the glue to dry between each step.
Repeat for the next segments.
Now take your flower shapes and, gluing or placing double-sided tape along one edge, stick the ends of the petals together to create larger cone shapes.
Repeat for all flower shapes
Fold down the ends of the petals to give them a more natural-looking shape.
Now you have all your layers, it's time to assemble!
Take a length of floristry wire and bend in half.
You can attach a bead for the centre if you'd like but I'm going to attach a piece of book page to match (I'll use the smallest petal I removed and didn't turn into a cone shape). Twists the wire to create a single length
Starting with the smallest cone, thread your layers onto the wire, gluing or using double-sided tape to stick each layer at the base of the cones.
Keep going until all the layers have been attached.
And there you have it - your paper rose. It looks quite complicated but once you get the hang of it, it really isn't.
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  1. I love these and this sort of thing is right up my street. I shall definitely be having a go for my work room. Thank you

    1. It looks quite complicated but it really isn't once you've got the hang of it. My first couple were a bit rubbish but I got there in the end!


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