Friday 5 June 2015

Guest Post: Pat Elliott

I'm Pat, a friend of Jen's from Twitter.
We were talking blogs – and here I am!

Talking writing, painting and feet.
What possible connection could they have?
To me, they go together as neatly as coffee, clocks and books.

Being self employed as a reflexologist gives me some free time, so I chose to learn to paint.
I have painted feet, but only on paper, not in real life!

and when I paint, sometimes if I concentrate hard enough, the painting tells a story.
Such as in Diva. See here for the painting and the story:

and sometimes, when people tell me the story of their lives as I treat their feet, a seed is planted.
This is what happened with my first novel 'All in the Leaves'.
A young lady had her fortune told and we'd discussed all the things that had been predicted for her.
I took that seed and created a story around a tea leaf reading and the predictions it forecast. I chose a tea leaf reading, because my Irish aunties used to do just that! Read tea leaves and tell your fortune. They were never so accurate as the lady in my book, though.

Now you know how this author gets her ideas.
Either I stare at a painting until an idea comes, or I listen to people talk while I work - and later a seed will germinate.
My Twitter name should make perfect sense to you now - it's @Feetpaintwords
For me, they really do!

My website, if you'd like to visit, is
This gives you a portal to my reflexology world, my painting world – and my writing world.
I hope you enjoy all three.

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