Tuesday 23 June 2015

Guest Post: Suz Korb

Exclusive Interview With Stella Andromeda Sunne
as interviewed by Ethel; an OAP turned age 18 again

Ethel: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Stella. As you know we could be gambling in Las Vegas right now, but the readers want to know!

Stella: No problem, Ethel. Thanks for having me! And you can’t gamble in Vegas anymore, you’re only my age thanks to melding with that alien Xygon and him de-aging you in less than thirty seconds flat.

Ethel: Yes well I know where we can get some fake IDs, but that’s beside the point…

Stella: I beg to differ. Where can we get these fake IDs like right now?!

Ethel: Seriously, Stella! Concentrate.

Stella: Okay.

Ethel: Now, for the first question. This is from a reader who heard we were doing this interview from on board the International Space Station and was well jel she couldn’t join us in outer-space. She asks what it’s like kissing the Xygon King in zero gravity.

Stella: Good question! What’s the reader’s name?

Ethel: Oh yes sorry, she goes by @FlashGordina online.

Stella: Oo! I like that name. Okay so yeah it’s kinda great kissing someone as hot as Zar in outerspace, but trying to walk in zero gravity isn’t easy I’ll tell ya! And Zar’s lucky, he just uses his tentacles for everything, including kissing! It’s amazing being wrapped up in his appendages while he smooches me without getting me pregnant in any way whatsoever.

Ethel: You do know how the birds and the bees thing works, right Stella?

Stella: Yeah, why? I’m just saying, Brux got me up the duff without even a kiss, remember?

Ethel: Yes, I remember. Brux is hot. I wish he’d impregnate me.

Stella: You wouldn’t like it.

Ethel: Why not?

Stella: Because becoming a parent requires great responsibility!

Ethel: You didn’t have a baby, Stella.

Stella: I know, but still. You can’t know what it’s like to be a parent…

Ethel: I’m a grandmother of six.

Stella: … in outer space. Let me finish what I was going to say next time.

Ethel: Anyway! Onto the next question. @KingLoq of Ubzervon 4 wants to know if you’ll become his queen…

Stella: Next question! I already have two royal husbands. I don’t need another.

Ethel: @51183422222 is offering laser gun shooting lessons on planet 666 if you’re interested please contact it via wormhole anti-matter mail.

Stella: Planet 666? Where’s that? Hell? No thanks! Freaky.

Ethel: Well that’s it then!

Stella: That’s it? Then what are all these other pages?

Ethel: Stella no! Oh great. Now there’s papers floating all round the ISS cabin. They’re never going to let us interview in space again and you know Jax isn’t in our quadrant of the galaxy until he reverses time…

Thank you for joining Ethel and Stella on their automatically computer transcribed interview. It sort of went downhill in the end there. Sorry about that. Stella isn’t one for sitting still, she’s been on intergalactic space adventures, what do you expect?! And if you want to find out more on Stella’s cosmic journeys, read her book by me: Superstellar; available now.

Love from,

Suz Korb xx


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