Monday 29 June 2015

Greedily Yours: Episode 1 - Taste Test by Emma Hamilton

Food blogger Mia Maxwell is a bit fed up with her relationship with city banker, Paul. They don't spend a great deal of time together and the spice has vanished from their love life. When Mia travels to Cornwall for the weekend to run an annual food festival, she meets Tom, a disgruntled local who isn't at all happy at his town being invaded by Londoners for the weekend.
Greedily Yours is an eight-part series, with Taste Test being the first instalment. I thought the beginning was a little slow, but I suppose this is setting up the series rather than focusing on just this one part. Mia is quite a likable character and I loved her adoration of food. She likes food in most forms and doesn't mind telling everybody about it! I also liked her best friend, Lizzie who runs a cupcake café (who wouldn't like some who runs a cupcake café???) as she was often the voice of reason, particularly when it comes to Mia's relationship with Paul.
The descriptions in this novella are great, especially the ones centred on food. I really want to go to the food festival in Cornwall just for the fish and chips! Greedily Yours is a fun, food-tastic tale that is set out in bite-sized portions. It's a perfect read if you have a free afternoon to gobble it up all in one go. There are also some bonus recipes of some of the food from the novella, so if the descriptions leave your mouth watering, you can have a go at making them yourself!

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